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  1. In one of my sketchbooks I had a few drawings of simple t-shirts illustrations that I wanted to make for Sammy. I’ve been procrastinating this little project for way too long so a few days ago I decided to make the first one. I thought that it would be nice to share them with you as a DIY blog series. 🙂 You will need a blank t-shirt (your choice of color, but I like the black on white contrast), THIS free* printable outline, fabric paint (I got mine from a local craft store), a pencil and a brush. Steps: 1. Download the outline drawing and print it. 2. Insert the print inside the tee, try to center it and start tracing the outline with a pencil. 3. BEFORE applying the fabric paint make sure you have a paper sheet inside the tee so that the paint will not bleed through the back of the shirt. I gave the print to Sammy to color it, but you can leave it in the t-shirt while you are painting. 4. Carefully paint inside the line drawing as shown in these examples. 5. After you have finished, let it dry according to the amount of time indicated on your paint bottle. I let mine dry overnight and then I ironed the back of the painted area. Hope that you and your little ones will enjoy this! xo * Free for personal use only.

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